To attain a permit you will need to provide:
1. Driver's license
2.  Proof of Insurance
3.  License Plate # of vehicle permit will be issued to.

Please come to the Forestry Department at
310 Spruce Avenue West, Montesano, Washington.  
For more information, please feel free to call the office:  (360) 249-5071.

PERMIT HOLDERS:  See below for gate status: 

  Gate by Humptulips Hatchery No Gate Number OPEN  
  Kirkpatrick Road Gate 8200.1 OPEN  
  Kirkpatrick Road Gate 6005.5 Closed - active logging operation.  Do not enter, even if gate is open.  You risk getting locked in.  
  Powell Road No Gate Number OPEN  

Please respect any road closure signs.

Elk River A-line & John's River A-line accessed from John's River county road.   OPEN
**Open during hunting season only.  Accessed through private industrial forest landowners. NO permit needed for this area.  

Please be considerate of these accommodations.