Benefits for County Employees:

Grays Harbor County Benefits may differ between collective bargaining agreements.  Please see the Collective Bargaining Agreements on this site for more information as well. Non-represented groups and Exempt employees follow the benefits provided to to the bargaining unit they work within.

Below is information on the County's benefit programs.  Corrections and Sheriff's Department employees follow the Teamsters benefit package. 

Directors and Managers may be subject to individual employment contracts that may differ from benefits below.

AFSCME Employee Benefits/Exempt Employee Benefits: Courthouse Contract (Assessor, Auditor, Central Services, Clerk, Commissioners, Coroner, District Court, Environmental Health, Facility Services, Fair/Tourism, Forestry, Juvenile, Management Services, Planning/Building, Public Health, Prosecutor, Superior Court, Treasurer, WSU Extension) Public Works Contract (ER&R, Roads, Solid Waste, Utilities)

Benefit Description Sheet for 2024

Benefit Rate Sheet for 2024

**The county provides full medical, dental and vision for employees and provides $800 monthly towards dependent care for AFSCME covered employees.

Teamsters Benefits: (Sheriff, Corrections, Jail Medical, Emergency Management)

* The County pays for full medical, dental and vision for employee and all dependents under the Teamsters benefit plan.

Benefits package per current contract:  14 paid holidays (140 hours per year calculated using 10-hour days), minimum 9 hours sick leave per month, vacation time beginning at 8 hours per month the first year and reaching a maximum of 20 hours per month at 16 years’ service, deferred compensation match, education and military incentives, longevity pay, shift differential pay, bi-lingual pay, uniform allowance, equipment provided, wellness incentive, employer paid life insurance, Teamsters’ health and welfare package currently 100% employer paid for employee and family, and $95/month paid toward premiums for retirees’ Health and Welfare Insurance.