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Tim Triesch, GISP GIS Coordinator Ext. 1509
Dan Ehreth GIS Analyst Ext. 1510

310 W. Spruce St. Suite 100 Montesano, WA 98563

Phone: (360) 249-4144 Fax: (360) 249-5696

Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday


Available GIS Data Sets:

Please contact the Grays Harbor County GIS Program to inquire about the availability of additional GIS data sets not currently listed on this page. Click to download our GIS Inventory List. (14.8 MB)

Parcels.shp (Parcel ownership boundaries with Assessor data attributes)

Updated 3/22/24 (1.9 MB)

City_County_Zoning.shp (City and County Merged Zoning boundaries.)

Updated 3/22/24 (842 KB)

Roads.shp (Highways, county roads, city streets, and railroads)

Updated 3/22/24 (12.7 MB)

Hydro_Watercourse.shp (WA DNR water courses)

Hydro_Waterbody.shp (WA DNR water bodies / water shorelines)

Updated 2/27/23

City (110 KB)

City_Limits_Lines.shp - City Limits (Polylines)
City_Limits_Poly.shp - City Limits (Polygons)

Updated 3/22/24 (426 KB)

PLS_Section_Lines.shp (Public Land Survey - township, range, and section lines)

PLS_Sections.shp (Public Land Survey - township, range, and section polygons)

Updated 2/27/23

Census Blocks (4.7 MB)

Census_Blocks_2020.shp - 2020 US Census Blocks with Population, Race, Housing Units, and Population Density (Persons Per Sq. Mile)

Updated 2/27/23

Land (148 KB)

Land_Use_2010.shp, includes Layer File

Updated 2/27/23

County (11 KB)

Bridges_Point.shp - County Bridge Point Locations

Updated 2/27/23

Survey (214 KB)

NGS_Survey.shp - National Geodetic Survey (NOAA) Point Locations, includes URLs to on-line Survey Data Sheets
GH_NGS.kmz - Google Earth file of the NGS Survey Points with on-line linkages
WSDOT_Survey.shp - WA State Dept. of Transportation Survey Point Locations

Forest (9.8 MB)

Forest_Roads.shp - County Forest Roads

Updated 1/19/24 (1.2 MB)

Geology.shp - Geology and Lithology, WA DNR, 2015 (8.2 MB)

National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) Wetlands Areas, USFWS

Updated 3/8/24 (799 KB)

County Commissioner, Hospital 1 & 2, School, Port, Fire, Voting Precincts, Water and Sewer Districts.

Updated 3/22/24

Soil (12.3 MB)

Soils_NRCS.shp - 1:24,000 Scale Soil Polygons, Natural Resources Conservation Service (224 KB)

GH_WAU.shp - Watershed Administrative Units (WAU)
GH_WRIA.shp - Water Resource Administrative Areas (WRIA)