Truancy Diversion Referral Process

  1. The school may complete and submit a Truancy Diversion Referral Form to the juvenile department emailing to:  (Please note, this is a new email)
  2. Upon receipt of the Truancy Diversion Referral:
    1. Probation staff will send a letter to the legal guardians, which explains the
      purpose of the Diversion Referral and requests that the legal guardians contact the Probation Department to set up a meeting with the student and legal guardians.
    2. A Probation Counselor will attempt to make contact with the student at school or by phone to discuss his/her truancy issues.
    3. Within two weeks, the Probation Counselor will contact the referring school official to report any progress or lack thereof in contacting the student or legal guardian(s). If this does not occur, please feel free to contact the Probation Department for an update.


Truancy Petitions are initiated by the school where the student is enrolled.  The school may file a petition after five unexcused absences and is required to file a petition after seven unexcused absences in one month or ten within the school year.