Public Defense FAQ


How do I vacate my possession of Controlled Substance conviction or (Blake Issue)

How do I make public records request

Washington State Second Chance Law - RCW 36.27.130 Resentencing

What is my public defender's phone number, email address or physical address?

How do I pay my fines or what should I do if I cannot pay them?

How can I get my court costs lowered?

I have a warrant for my arrest; What should I do?

How do I turn myself in?

How do I find out my court date?

How can I get a public defender?

Can I get a new judge?

What can I do to help out my case?

What do I do if I cannot reach my public defense attorney?

I want to fire my public defender; How do I do that?

I want to file a complaint against my public defender.

How do I get a sentence review hearing?

I pled guilty but want to change my mind.  What should I do?

How do I find out if my friend/family member is in jail?

I have a civil case (small claim, landlord-tenant, divorce etc) and need an attorney

How do I vacate or seal my criminal history?

What if I get charged with a DUI?

How do I support an incarcerated loved one?