Permissible Uses According to Law

Funds awarded as reimbursable grants under this process may be used for the following:

           1. To finance public facilities serving economic development purposes.
           2. To finance personnel in economic development offices.

According to RCW 82.14.370, in order to qualify for financing the public facility must be listed as an item in the officially adopted county overall economic development plan, or the economic development section of the county's comprehensive plan, or the comprehensive plan of a city or town located within the county.

"Public facilities" means bridges, roads, domestic and industrial water facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, earth stabilization, storm sewer facilities, railroad, electricity, natural gas, buildings, structures, telecommunications infrastructure, and port facilities in the State of Washington.

"Economic development purposes" means those purposes which facilitate the creation or retention of businesses and jobs in a county.

"Economic development office" means an office of a county, port districts, or an associate development organization as defined in RCW 43.330.010 which promotes economic development purposes within the county.