Review Process

The county is required to consult with all cities, towns, and port districts located within the county and the associate development organization serving the county to ensure that any expenditures of these funds meets the goals of Chapter 130, Laws of 2004 and the requirements of RCW 82.14.370. To comply with this requirement, the county has created a .09 Advisory Committee that is comprised of seven members: two members from each Commissioner District, and one representative from the Port of Grays Harbor.

The .09 Advisory Committee will review all applications and score them based on the information provided by the applicant and the project rating criteria as presented in the application. The Committee will then make funding recommendations to the Grays Harbor County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

All applicants will be required to present their project to the .09 Advisory Committee and answer any questions they may have. Times will be assigned to applicants after the review of their applications. Each applicant will be allowed a 60 minute window to present their project. Accommodations may be made to present with powerpoint.

The BOCC will consider recommendations for grant awards by the .09 Advisory Committee at a later date.

The BOCC will make all grant awards.