The food safety program is here to protect the public from foodborne illness by educating food workers about safe food handling practices and conducting regular inspections of food service establishments.

Complaints about restaurants or other food related concerns in Grays Harbor County can be sent to our email Environmental Health Dept. ( or call (360) 249-4222 (especially if you're reporting a potential foodborne illness).

Applications for New and Existing Restaurants and Other Food Service Establishments


Inspection Reports -
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Active Managerial Control Materials
Active Managerial Control (AMC) is the purposeful use of policies and procedures in the food establishment to control foodborne illness risk factors. Every person in charge must have AMC and ensure food safety requirements are followed. These sample template forms are part of an AMC Toolkit to assist food establishment operators interested in developing policies and procedures for review, training, and monitoring food safety risks. 
Washington State Retail Food Code - WAC 246-215

Food Worker Card Information

Recall Information and Safety Alerts - CLICK HERE