updated 11/7/22

Forest Practice Permits (FPA) are administered by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for logging and other activities in forested areas.  They are generally applicable to forest lands intended to remain as forest lands.  A Forest Practice Permit can be classified as Class I, II, III, or IV.

Conversion Option Harvest Plans (COHP) are typically developed if the property owner is uncertain on what they intend to do with their property in the future.  An approved COHP will allow the landowner to secure a Class III forest practice permit while protecting the right to develop property without being subjected to a 6-year development moratorium, which would typically be imposed after a timber harvest.

A COHP indicates restrictions on timber harvest, road location, critical areas protection, and erosion sedimentation control.  COHP’s define the local government standards and regulation which the landowner must follow in areas where future land conversion (development) may occur. 

To enquire further about DNR requirements for a COHP, please contact the Olympic Regional Office at (360) 374-2800, or by email at  Olympic.region@dnr.wa.gov.


A complete COHP application package must be submitted to the Grays Harbor County (GHC) Planning and Building Division through the Online Permitting Portal.  A complete application package includes the following:

  1. A complete SEPA Checklist.
  2. A complete COHP prepared in general accordance with the requirements of GHC Code 15.04 (Clearing and Grading), 18.06 (Critical Areas Protection), and 12.02 (County Road Specifications) along with Chapter 4, Section 6 of the GHC Shoreline Master Program.
  3. If the project will create more than 2,000-square-feet of new road, or the project site is located in a critical drainage area, a separate storm drainage plan must be prepared by a licensed civil engineer and submitted with the application. Consult the Washington State Department of Ecology 2019 “Stormwater Manuel for Western Washington” for specific design criteria.
  4. A copy of the completed draft DNR Forest Practices application (FPA).
  5. A narrative describing the nature and schedule of all proposal activities including post harvest work on roads, drainage, and planting. Include a hazardous materials plan for storage of materials and maintenance of vehicles on site (Best Management Practices 2019 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington).

County approval of the COHP will be valid for two (2) years but may be renewed. Requests for renewal must be received at least 30-days prior to the expiration date of the approval. Renewal requests will be reviewed for compliance with the applicable county codes in effect at the time of the request for renewal.

The COHP process will culminate in a administrative decision from Grays Harbor County.  The administrative decision is appealable, pursuant to the provisions of Grays Harbor County Code 14.04.

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Please contact a Planner at 360-249-4222 or by email at pbd@graysharbor.us if you have further questions.

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