updated 8-4-23


Grays Harbor County Code (GHCC) Chapter 16.38, Article II governing Lot Consolidation applies to platted lots for the purposes of merging platted lots, and is exempt from subdivision requirements per GHCC 16.08.040.


  1. Is only allowed between platted lots;
  2. Legal descriptions of the proposed lots may be certified by a land surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Washington, and shall be filed with the county Auditor along with a drawing showing the proposed lot(s); and,
  3. A survey showing the proposed lots may be filed with the County Auditor, in lieu of the drawing and legal descriptions of the proposed lot(s).


  1. STEP 1: Site Plan Review - Complete and submit online to begin the permitting process. Lot Consolidation applications will not be accepted prior to completing STEP 1.
  2. Application
  3. Review
    • Planning Division,
    • Building Division,
    • Environmental Health Division,
    • Public Works Division– County Surveyor; and
    • Other departments and agencies as necessary.
  4. Approval
    • Property taxes and assessments for all affected properties must be paid-in-full (RCW 84.56.345).
  5. Recording
  6. *Title Transfer
    • Appropriate document(s) filed with the Treasurer (360-249-3751) when required; and
    • Appropriate document(s) filed with the Auditor (360-249-4232) when required.
  7. County Records Updated
    • The Mapping Division in the Assessor’s Office (360-249-4121) will update county records to reflect changes to the affected properties.

*Please contact a Title Company should you need help with STEP 6: Title Transfer.  Grays Harbor County staff is prohibited from providing legal advice and/or assistance with preparing legal documents. 



Please contact a Planner at 360-249-4222 or by email at pbd@graysharbor.us if you have questions.

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