The Grays Harbor County Commissioners have divided unincorporated Grays Harbor County (areas outside of incorporated cities and towns) into several Districts.  You can learn about each Zoning District requirements by visiting our Districts page or by reviewing Title 17 of the Grays Harbor County Code.  Zoning regulations define the type and location of general use that may legally occur on a property.

The Planning Division will check all development applications to ensure that proposals are consistent with zoning requirements.


On March 22, 2022, the County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 469  amending Title 17 of the County Code to include short term rental (STR) standards. STRs are governed by RCW 64.37 and by Grays Harbor County Code 17.60.020.


A conditional use is a use listed in any given zone but permitted to locate only after review by the Board of Adjustment.  You can learn about conditional uses by visiting our Conditional Use page or by reviewing Chapter 17.80 of the Grays Harbor County Code.  


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updated 5-28-2024