Clean Dry Lumber
The Central Transfer Station is not currently accepting clean dry lumber.

Industrial Solid Waste
Includes waste generated from manufacturing operations, food processing, or other industrial processes. Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division permits land application sites.

The Central Transfer Station also accepts industrial waste.

White Goods
Used major household appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators need to be treated appropriately. White goods may be accepted at scrap yards and some appliance repair shops at minimal or no cost to customers. White goods are accepted at the Central Transfer Station and charged as normal garbage. There are additional fees associated with the disposal of refrigerators brought to the transfer station.

Waste Tires
There are currently no permitted tire piles in Grays Harbor County. All tires collected in the County are collected at the Central Transfer Station for a fee and exported to tire processors out of County.

Asbestos currently is received at the Central Transfer Station for a fee per cubic yard. Asbestos is now going to the Finley Buttes Landfill in Boardman, Oregon.

Medical Waste
All infectious and injurious waste originating from medical, veterinary, or intermediate care facilities is collected by Stericycle, Inc.

Disaster Waste
LeMay's provides a backup system for transfer and disposal should there be a disaster (earthquake, flood).

Electronics Disposal
There are several collection points in the Aberdeen area offering free disposal of computers, monitors, and televisions: the Salvation Army and the Central Transfer Station.