Effective 0700 hours on October 7, 2022, all Professional Visitors will be required to wear a mask when they are in the facility and interacting with the inmate population. 



Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office is suspending and or modifying normal operating procedures until further notice:

Individuals incarcerated in the Grays Harbor County Jail will receive two (2) free telephone calls per week. The rate per minute for telephone calls is $0.10.

On-site visitation services remain closed, remote visitation will be the only public visitation offered. The rate for a thirty-minute remote visit is $5.00 plus any applicable fees.

Cash Deposits - Visitors can continue to make deposits online or by mailing a money order

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The Corrections Division is managed by the Chief Corrections Deputy who is assisted by two lieutenants, five sergeants, nineteen deputies, and nine support staff. 
The original facility was built in 1911 and was used until 1972 when a new facility was built. The original facility was utilized at different times after that to house work release inmates and was refurbished in 1985 for temporary housing of prisoners while the current site was remodeled and expanded. The original facility has been condemned.

The current facility was remodeled and expanded in 1987 to reach a bed space of 82.  It has since had modifications made to it to provide additional bed space for a total of 176 beds. The average daily population for 2018 was 142.

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The Corrections Division maintains an online roster ( of individuals currently incarcerated in the facility.  The online roster also includes information regarding individuals released in the last 48 hours.  

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