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RCW 84.40.025
 Access to Property Required: For the purpose of assessment and valuation of all taxable property in each county, any real or personal property in each county shall be subject to visitation, investigation, examination, discovery, and listing at any reasonable time by the county assessor of the county or by any employee thereof designated for this purpose by the assessor.

In any case of refusal to such access, the assessor shall request assistance from the Department of Revenue which may invoke the power granted by chapter 
84.08 RCW.

Appeal of Assessed Valuation
If you would like to discuss the assessed value of your property, you may call the Assessor’s Office at (360) 249-4121. Disputes may often be resolved at this level without filing a formal appeal. In the event you determine an appeal is in order, you may appeal the valuation to the Grays Harbor County Board of Equalization. Appeal forms must be filed with the Board of Equalization within 30 days of the postmark of a Change of Value Notice or by July 1st, whichever is later. Appeal forms are available by calling the Grays Harbor County Board of Equalization at (360) 249 -5400. For your convenience, a link to the Grays Harbor County Board of Equalization has been provided.

The appeal process is informal and does not require an attorney. However, Washington State Law requires the appellant submit clear and convincing evidence that the Assessor’s valuation of the property is not correct. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Grays Harbor County Board of Equalization, you may appeal to the Washington State Board of Tax Appeals.