Looking for property information including photos, sketches, assessed value history, building data, land data and ownership information?  Use the Taxsifter Simple Search

Taxsifter Hint:  Be sure to read the search instructions.  Use the % sign if you are looking to search by street name.  If you are looking for property on "Main St."  type in %Main   This will give you a list of all properties on Main St.  The default search function is to search by owner name so if you just type in Main, it will give you results for all properties with an owner that has the last name Main.

Looking for property Sales detail or Comparables?  Try our Sale Search in Taxsifter

Sale Search Hint:
Using less search criteria will yield a greater number of search results.  You can always narrow down your search by checking your reslults and then adding more search parameters to narrow it down.  You can also copy your results and paste them into Excel and the parcel number links will stay intact to give you give you the ability to mine more data right from your spreadsheet. 

looking to see a map of a property? Try our Mapsifter Mapping Tool

Mapsifter Hint:
  Be sure to click on the legend bar  at the bottom left of the screen to see what map layers are available in that area and to turn them on or off.  You can also switch from aerial view to street map or hybrid view by clicking the tiles button on the bottom right.  Be sure to check out all of the measuring tools and features in mapsifter.  Remember that the parcel lines are for reference and not to be used for determining actual property lines.  You need a survey for that.  We are in the process of working on cleaning up some areas where our parcel lines are off by quite a bit but it's a very large project.  Our Geographic Information Systems department is working on improving this as staff time allows.