Commissioner Duties


As administrators, Grays Harbor County Commissioners are responsible for providing direction to the following department heads:

  • County Fair, Events and Tourism Department
  • County Forestry Department
  • County Facilities Department
  • Planning, Building and zoning of unincorporated areas
  • Public Health and Social Services
  • Public Works Department (Roads, Engineering, Utilities)
  • Other programs and services which are not clearly the responsibility of another elected county official.


A primary duty of the County Commissioners is to levy taxes to operate the county and to adopt a balanced budget for each calendar year. The commissioners fix the budget amount for each department of the county, but variances and increases can be permitted during the year if a need is shown. Other elected officials in the county are responsible for their adopted budget and the County Commissioners are responsible for the operation of budgets under the control of the above-mentioned department heads.

GHC 2024 Budget (17.9 MB pdf)
GHC 2023 Budget (5.4 MB pdf)
GHC 2022 Budget (5.5 MB pdf)
GHC 2021 Budget (24.3 MB pdf)
GHC 2020 Budget (4.3 MB pdf)

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In their judicial capacity, commissioners are often called upon as the first level of appeal to sit in judgment of decisions made by other county officials. Rezoning recommendations from the Planning Commission, for instance, are appealed to the County Commissioners for review.


In their legislative capacity, the commissioners are responsible for adopting, amending, and repealing all county ordinances (which are usually laws of the county). These include traffic, zoning, planning and public safety ordinances, and any other ordinances concerning the general welfare of the county.


The commissioners play a key role in a wide variety of community boards and commissions that affect citizens. The commissioners serve on a variety of multi-county boards with other public officials to direct public policy. Click here to view the latest Commissioner Representation List.

Many citizens advisory boards provide input to the commissioners in a variety of areas. The commissioners are responsible for appointing members to the Boards and Committees.  If you are interested in being considered for a vacant position, please fill out this form.  Please contact Wendy Chatham, Clerk of the Board, for further information regarding these boards. 


If you would like information about the Board's schedule, questions about county matters, require information concerning which department to contact for a specific need, have a complaint or need assistance, please contact the Commissioner’s Office.  Wendy Chatham, Clerk of the Board, can be reached at (360) 249-3731, and via email at to provide specific information about the commissioners' schedules as well as the outcome of public meetings.