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HOW TO FILE EXHIBITS - Pursuant to LCR 79(d):

(1)  Submission of Exhibits. The parties shall provide two sets of all exhibits at least two business days prior to trial. The original set shall go to the Clerk and a bench copy to Court Administration, in two separate notebooks, packets, or binders. The Court recognizes that exhibits used in rebuttal or for impeachment purposes may be supplemented during trial. In such event, working copies for the Court and the opposing parties shall be made available as practicable.

(2)  Numbering of Exhibits. Counsel shall arrange with the Clerk for the marking of all exhibits at least two business days prior to trial. Plaintiff or Petitioner’s exhibits shall be numbered 1-200. Defendant or Respondent’s exhibits shall be numbered 201-400. In cases with more than two parties or with more voluminous exhibits, the parties shall work with the Clerk prior to submitting exhibits to verify numbering of their proposed exhibits.

(3)  Exhibits. When an exhibit is marked for identification it becomes part of the Court record and, except when used in the courtroom or on appeal, shall not be removed from the Clerk's custody without a Court order. After 30 days' written notice to all parties of record following final disposition of a civil or family law case, the Court may order the Clerk to destroy or dispose of physical evidence unless good cause is shown why it should be preserved.

[Amended April 21, 2022, Amended September 1, 2022]


The Clerk will NOT accept a CD/DVD or USB for filing in the Court file.

If you have audio/video evidence (i.e., either a CD, a DVD, or a USB device) you would like the court to consider during your case, the following applies:

  1. Audio/video evidence is NOT to be presented during a Motion Calendar Docket that normally occurs on Mondays.
  2. If you believe the alleged audio/video evidence that you have needs to be seen/heard by the Court, you will need to ask the Court for a special setting for another date and time where testimony and evidence can be presented. At the time of the special set hearing, you will need to prepare as follows:
  1. Have 3 copies of the CD/DVD; and
  2. Provide the opposing party with a copy of the CD/DVD; then
  3. Two business days prior to your special set hearing, go to the Court Clerk’s office to have them mark a copy of the CD/DVD (a USB flash drive is not permitted) containing the alleged audio/video evidence as an Exhibit (the Clerk will keep that copy as a pre-marked proposed exhibit for the upcoming hearing); then
  4. Appear at your hearing and bring your copy of the CD/DVD containing the alleged evidence to the hearing along with the equipment necessary to play/view it in open court during the hearing; and

Please Note: Court Administration does NOT accept judges' bench copies via a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. The Court cannot safely review the material without possibly exposing the County Network to viruses.