You can review a draft of the 2024 Grays Harbor County District Court Local Court Rules here.

You may send your comments to MiHa Kapaki, Court Administrator, at,

The deadline for comments is June 30, 2024. 

The most significant change to the rules is the addition of an electronic filing rule

to address the Court's upcoming new case management system, CLJCMS, explained in the following section.

The Courts of Limited Jurisdiction in Washington State have unveiled their innovative Case Management System (CMS), CLJ-CMS, marking a new era of efficiency and accessibility in judicial proceedings.   Grays Harbor County District Court will be one of a handful of courts that will begin using this case management system beginning October 28, 2024.

CLJ-CMS will offer a user-friendly interface for judges, attorneys, litigants, and court personnel to navigate case records, schedule hearings, and manage documents electronically. This includes the introduction of efiling capabilities, which will revolutionize case management in Washington State's Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. This modernized approach will enhance accessibility for court participants, reduce administrative burdens, and promote the timely resolution of legal matters.  Additionally, CLJ-CMS will prioritize data security and confidentiality by employing encryption protocols and access controls so sensitive information is secure. In this way, this new case management system stands as a testament to the judiciary's commitment to embrace technology that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal system.

For a brief overview click here, or for more detailed information and updates, click here.