Prosecuting Attorney's Office

The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief legal officer for Grays Harbor County. The primary mission of a Prosecuting Attorney is to enforce criminal laws and work for the victims of crime. This includes obtaining orders for restitution for the victim, informing the victim of court dates, and acting as an advocate for the victim at trial and sentencing. The Prosecuting Attorney also acts as legal counsel to the Grays Harbor County Board of County Commissioners and county departments, assists in certain child support cases, and performs a number of other statutory duties. Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys are appointed by the Prosecuting Attorney to help perform these duties. The Prosecuting Attorney and the Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys must be admitted to practice law in the State of Washington.

Prosecuting Crime

The Prosecuting Attorney is authorized under RCW 36.27.020 to prosecute all criminal cases brought under state statutes or county ordinances. Prosecution includes advice to law enforcement officers during investigation to determine if criminal charges should be filed, plea negotiations, pretrial hearings, trial, sentencing hearings and appeals. Criminal prosecution is divided into four areas: adult felonies in Superior Court, adult misdemeanors in District Court, all juvenile cases in Superior Court/Juvenile Division; and prosecution of appeals in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Questions Regarding a Current Criminal Case

If you are the defendant in a criminal case  and you are represented by an attorney, you must contact your attorney -- not the Prosecutor's Office. Our office is prohibited from discussing a criminal case directly with a represented defendant, or the friends/relatives of represented defendants.
If you are not represented, you may contact our front desk at (360) 249-3951.

Civil Division

The Civil Department provides legal advice to all the County’s elected officials and department heads. It also represents County elected officials and departments in civil litigation not handled by the Washington Counties Risk Pool in state and federal courts.  The range of legal representation provided by the Civil Department is expansive and covers virtually every aspect of civil law.

No Public Legal Advice By statute, deputy prosecutors are limited to providing legal services to the Grays Harbor County government. If you need a lawyer to help you with a private legal matter, please contact the counsel of your choosing or the Washington State Bar Association.

Prosecutor's Office Grays Harbor County Courthouse 102 W Broadway Avenue, Room 102 Montesano, WA  98563 (360) 249-3951  Monday through Friday: 8:30AM to Noon, 1PM to 4:30PM