(b) Service - How Made.

(8) Bench Copies. All pleadings and other papers that a party wants the Court to consider at a scheduled trial or hearing must be filed and served on all parties with a bench copy to be provided to the Court. Bench copies must clearly indicate on the top of the first page of the document the current date and time set for the proceeding, the name of the assigned judicial officer, if known, and the cause number. Bench copies that do not include the required information on the first page may be disregarded by the judicial officer and the party submitting the defective bench copies may be subject to other sanctions as provided in CR 5(d)(2).

Bench copies shall be submitted to the Court on the day of filing, but in no case later than noon, one business day prior to the hearing, by delivering a paper copy of the documents to the office of the Court Administrator or electronically to the electronic mail address:  Bench copies provided electronically must be less than 25 pages and comply with the rules regarding time and format. Late bench copies may result in the hearing being continued or other sanctions at the discretion of the judicial officer.

[Revised September 1, 2021]

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