Eviction Resolution Program

Grays Harbor County Superior Court has agreed to participate in a pilot Eviction Resolution Program (ERP). ERP is mandated prior to conducting a hearing on the Unlawful Detainer Civil Calendar. Administrative Order #2021-4 was filed July 28, 2021

Many landlords and tenants have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Currently there are both federal and state mandates in place prohibiting evictions based on the nonpayment of rent.  Once those mandates end, Grays Harbor County expects a large number of eviction cases to be filed in Superior Court.  To address this anticipated increase in eviction cases, Grays Harbor County Superior Court has established a no cost Eviction Resolution Program (ERP) which will require parties to engage in problem-solving steps before the cases come to court.  In legal terminology, eviction cases are called “unlawful detainer” cases. 

The ERP includes communication steps between landlords and tenants, notifications to tenants with specific information, and required court forms.  The goal of the program is to bring tenants and landlords together with trained Eviction Resolution Specialists to explore solutions.  This includes accessing state and local rent assistance and creating realistic payment plans that will help tenants retain their housing and avoid the legal eviction process, while landlords benefit from continuity of occupancy and income.  

The ERP is being offered at no cost.  It is funded from federal CARES Act monies. Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services and Dispute Resolution Center of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties are providing the staffing for this program.  

As long as the mandates remain in place, the program is voluntary.  It will become mandatory when the mandates expire.  The Superior Court hopes that landlords and tenants will use this free program now and get a head start on problem-solving.  Complying with the program now will satisfy the mandatory requirements when the mandates expire.  

ERPP Process

Forms and Orders

Eviction Resolution Program - ORDER 2021-4
Notice and Resource Information Form - Exhibit A

Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Defendants in Unlawful Detainers - ORDER 2021-5


Rental Assistance Coastal Community Action Program (CCAP)
101 E. Market St
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-533-5100
Website: www.coastalcap.org  
Dispute Resolution Centers

Dispute Resolution Center of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties 
Email: erp@drcghp.org
Phone: 360-532-8950  
Website: www.drcghp.org/erp


Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services (TCVLS) 360-705-8194
Eviction Defense Screening Line 1-855-657-8387

Videos: Understanding How the Program Works

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