Grays Harbor County Official Court Reporters provide the official transcripts of conducted hearings. ​A court transcript is a written verbatim record of what was said in a court hearing that is transcribed by an Official Court Reporter from an electronic recording or from their stenographic notes. 

All proceedings are reported by an Official Court Reporter (OCR) or are electronically recorded (ER) by a Court Clerk. If a person needs a transcript of an electronically recorded court case, it must be prepared by an Official Court Reporter who will use the audio recording to prepare the transcript. If an Official Court Reporter was present at the hearing, that individual would prepare the transcript and should be contacted directly.

To order an official transcript from a court reporter, you'll need the case number, case parties information, and the hearing date. To inquire or request your order, please call (360) 964-1853  - NEW NUMBER EFFECTIVE 7/26/23.