Property taxes levied each year are composed of regular levies adopted by various units of government and special levies approved by the voters to fund a specific purpose (i.e., school maintenance & operation, emergency medical service and bond repayment). The tax amount is calculated by multiplying the combined levy rate for each local area times the assessed value of the property listed on the county tax roll.

Property taxes are payable each year with the full tax due by April 30th. However, state law provides that if the amount due is $50.00 or more and, if one half of the tax is paid before April 30th, the second half will be due and payable on October 31st. If the owner of real property or a mobile home fails to pay the first half tax before April 30th, the tax can be brought current before October 31st, by paying the first half tax and the applicable interest and penalties on the full year delinquent amount. If the owner of other personal property fails to pay the first half tax before April 30th, the full year tax, along with applicable interest and penalties, becomes due and payable. 

Delinquent Taxes - Penalty & Interest
Taxes are considered delinquent if not received or postmarked by the due date. Failure to pay the first half tax by April 30 makes the full year tax delinquent on May 1st with statutory interest and penalties charged as follows: Interest is calculated at 1% per month on the full year tax, until paid in full. A penalty of 3% is imposed on current year taxes delinquent on June 1, and an additional penalty of 8% is imposed on current year taxes delinquent on December 1.

Real Property with taxes delinquent 3 years or more is subject to foreclosure and sale.

Personal Property with delinquent taxes is subject to immediate distraint and sale.

When paying delinquent taxes, please contact the treasurer's office at (360) 249-3751 for the correct interest and penalty. Delinquent payments without penalty and interest will be returned. Partial payments cannot be accepted. 

Taxes Paid Under Protest
To preserve your right to seek a court ordered refund, your protest must be in writing and must comply with the requirements of the law. (RCW 84.68.020) 

Senior Citizens & Disabled Persons Tax Relief
Please see Washington State's Department of Revenue's brochure: Property Tax Exemptions for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons