Temporary food establishment permits are required for all vendors who sell food to the public. This includes restaurants who are preparing or serving food outside of their physical establishment. Some foods are exempt from permit fees but an application must still be submitted to the Environmental Health Division. 

***Applications must be received at least 8 calendar days prior to the start of the event or late fees apply. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED WITHOUT ADEQUATE REVIEW TIME MAY BE DENIED.***

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries: required for enclosed mobile food trucks, trailers, and those that use solid fuels (wood or charcoal); proof of approval from L&I is required upon submittal of permit application. It is highly recommended to verify requirements and submit your application with L&I as soon as possible to avoid delay on issuance of health department permit. 

  • The event does not exceed 21 days. 
  • You are the sole food vendor at the event, such as a BBQ, holiday, celebration, breakfast/dinner, etc. 
  • Does not meet the minimum qualifications under a Multiple Event Permit to be considered a coordinated event.
  • The event is coordinated but the coordinator has not submitted a Coordinator Checklist.
  • You plan to attend multiple Coordinated Events in a calendar year.
  • You plan to attend a Farmer's Market where you will operate three or less days per week such as a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The organization is a youth group, youth sporting event, and/or nonprofit charitable organizations (i.e. concession stands, charitable fundraisers, etc.) may apply under a recurring event application.
  • Requirements: 
    • Can attend any event listed on the Approved Coordinated Event List as long as events are not on the same date. 
    • The Event Coordinator must submit a Coordinator Checklist annually to our office. 
    • Events not listed on the Approved Coordinated Event List can become coordinated by having the coordinator submit a Coordinator Checklist.
    • Coordinated events include a minimum of three vendors, not including the coordinator (not all vendors need to sell food items).
    • Recurring events - cannot operate more than three days per week (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is acceptable). 
    • Multiple/Recurring Event Permit holders attending an event that is not included on the Approved Coordinated Event List, must apply for a separate Temporary Food Permit and pay 50% of the corresponding fees.

If you have any questions please contact our office at (360) 249-4222.