Grays Harbor County Boundary Review Board

The Grays Harbor County Boundary Review Board was formed in 2007 and is governed by RCW 36.93.  The Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room No. 1 located at 100 W. Broadway in Montesano.  The meetings are cancelled when there is no new business.  To be notified of meetings please contact the Chief Clerk of the Boundary Review Board at (360) 249-3731. 

Meeting Information:
    Regular Meeting: 02-01-23 Minutes
    Regular Meeting: 08-02-23 Minutes
    Special Meeting:  09-20-23 Minutes
    Regular Meeting: 11-08-23 Minutes Pending  
    Next Regular Meeting: 02-07-24 at 3:00 PM 
       Agenda and Meeting Information

Notice of Intent Applications in 45 Day Review:    
    None at this time

Recent Application Results: 
    2023-001 City of Montesano - 45 Review Waiver Approved 11-08-23
    2023-002 City of Montesano - 45 Review Waiver Approved 11-08-23

Boundary Review Board Members:
   Bill Messenger, Chair - Governor Appointee
   Randy Karnath, Vice Chair - County Representative
   Brenda Dean - City Representative
   Robbie Myers - Governor Appointee
   Rick Lovely - Special District Representative
BRB Documents:
    Boundary Review Board Handout 
    Boundary Review Board Notice of Intention (blank form)
    Boundary Review Board Policy and Procedure