Guardian ad Litem (GAL)

A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is an adult who is appointed by the court to represent the best interest of the child(ren) or alleged incapacitated person for a specific purpose for a specific period of time. Under the direction of the court, a GAL performs an investigation and prepares a report for the court of the GAL's findings and recommendations.
To become a GAL, an individual must complete an approved training program, provide background information to the court in which the GAL wishes to serve, and meet all eligibility requirements set by local court rule or policy.

Current GAL/Court Visitor Registry:

Title 11 (alleged incapacitated person RCW 11.88 & RCW 11.92 / guardianship of minor RCW 11.130)

Title 26 (representing children in dissolutions, modifications, paternity, relocation RCW 26)


      Title 26:

      Title 11:


Becoming a Guardian ad Litem:

Interested in joining the Grays Harbor County Guardian ad Litem Registry? Please review the requirements and submit an application to